Building Websites : How to Set Up an Auction Website

< things type="application/x-shockwave-flash" style="width:425 px; height:355 px;" information ="//" >< param name="motion picture" worth ="//"/ > An auction site can be custom-made by setting up an auction plug-in through WordPress then tweaking the look. Establish an auction online with help from a lead developer in this totally free video on website design.

Specialist: Warren Cardinal
Bio: As the founder and lead designer of Lucid Team, Inc., Warren Cardinal supervises all elements of the site advancement, from design to configuring to marketing.
Filmmaker: Chip Hoyt
Video Rating:/ 5

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  1. Dont listen to the haters! Anyone that says negative comments about your presentation is welcome to pound sand and then not get the information they were looking for.

  2. If it were up to me, these videos would never have been posted. I was hired to do them and I just took instruction from the camera person on what to do. I had no idea how bad they turned out until I saw them online. Yes, I look horrible – sorry 🙁

  3. Don't look so scripted when talking to the camera

    Make eye contact with the camera – this gives the impression that you're making eye contact with the viewers and looks alot more natural 🙂

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