Creating a Website with Bootstrap Studio (Tutorial)

< item type="application/x-shockwave-flash" design="width:425 px; height:355 px;" information ="//" >< param name="movie" value ="//"/ > In this video you’ll discover how to build a real website with Bootstrap Studio. We will begin with a blank page and build the layout, use the responsive grid, compose CSS and we’ll even make a simple gallery with a lightbox. Get Bootstrap Studio at

The image assets that we utilized:
The resulting bsdesign file:

19 thoughts to “Creating a Website with Bootstrap Studio (Tutorial)”

  1. The real thing which is good, consists to listen and to help each other to suceed !

  2. @Bootstrap Studio Please do more tutorial videos. I am a beginner in bootstrap and bootstrap studio. I bought the bootstrap studio version for a lifetime and I do not know how to use this software to help me and produce more videos for us.

  3. hello please help me,i am finding it difficult to to style my navbar in BS when i type the code in CSS box and i found out it later disappear.

  4. Great video! Thank you, I think I'm an actual developer now! Could not get the Bootstrap grid concept, now I read the code at the same time, it's very useful to see how it is constructed, of course you can't rely only on that tool but it can help you learn

  5. Great program, wish you could have more videos though. There are times it gets very frustrating and it would be great to have video tutorials on how to upload a map for example.

  6. most of the web now are drag and drop. but i prefer to code from the scratch. very challenging.

  7. I like the app enough that I bought it, but now starting to see some annoyances in using it. Like a LOT of scrolling. I'd rather much prefer to have the whole left side panel for the Overview tree structure, and the components placed at the top organized in tabs. The custom code component is nice, BUT I'd kind of like the ability of directly editing in the HTML preview pane. The "Preview" dialog needs an autoclose after you select your tcp/ip address. Not sure why that dialog MUST remain open??? It also would be nice to have a plugin feature to add additional utility apps for say like editing a photo via photoshop or inkscape, or connecting to Atom code editor. etc.. One necessity on any website is navigation, so it would be neat to have a CSS menu designer built in to design custom themed menus for your site. But other than that I love the app. It definitely makes things easier. I think this app has some definite improvement coming over the horizon.

  8. I bought it right after watching this video. loved the demo.
    High Five for the awesome creators of this. You are gonna save a lot of time for me. #BeAwesome

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