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for 10 % off your very first purchase, go to and use deal code jennymustard at checkout. the best ways to make money online -a dream for a number of you guys, and a lifestyle suitable for all you minimalists and wanderers out there!
i completely comprehend where you’re originating from, i can assure you that it’s absolutely fantastic to work as a style blog writer and way of life youtuber full-time, be able to support yourself working from the comfort of you own house, not being dependant on a physical place, having the ability to transfer to a brand-new nation whenever you desire without losing your earnings. i love working with my boyfriend and partner, sharing as much time as possible together without having to be apart for such a big chunk of the day that working hours comprise. and i naturally love being imaginative at work, producing material that i’m interested and inspired by, without having to care about sales figures or cranky bosses.

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sure, it is a Great Deal Of difficult work, and there are demanding times like you would not think. but it’s absolutely fucking worth it!

in this video i give you my finest suggestions on how to get started with making money online. what to think about from the start and ways to work our way onto the larger tasks. i go over everything from sponsorships and freelance work, to merchandise and affiliate programs, in addition to constructing a neighborhood and requesting for donations.
i understand a lot of you are intending to have a career online, whether it be as influencers, instagrammers, style youtubers, or blog writers like us, or anything else that allows a life filled with travels, moving to brand-new cities, and being your very own manager!


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