How to hire an SEO

Google’s Maile Ohye shares her suggestions for employing an SEO (Browse Engine Optimizer) to enhance the searcher experience on your website.
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  1. Would you please answer my question. How come if I take a paragraph (30 words or so) from a very original PDF I made 7 years ago (100% from scratch), my site is nowhere to be found on Google results. Other PDF's come up with loosely similar topics, in general obscure scientific journal papers. If I instead search a whole page (200 or so words including the title of the article), a couple of sites (including that stole and published the whole PDF from me (having my name and blog URL printed on each and every page) come up on first page of Google? Please reply, I need to know what to change. Thank you! the site is

  2. Fantastic outcomes! Produce excellent articles or Social Media Channels are the ideal method and strategy. Be confident that this will provide you a huge Domain and Page authority increase also and boost your Google rankings! Great luck!

  3. Love this video. Been doing SEO since 1999 and added it's in our main channel playlist. Clients need to watch this before we will even work with them.

  4. as a SEO expert, I can say many people who buy and hire wrong person or service.beacaue they have not any basic SEO knowledge.before hire a SEO expert, please learn something about seo.

  5. Thank you very much for this helpful video! Is it possible to hire you? 😀 That would be great! Thank you!

  6. thanks very much as SEO is so important and there are so many options and without the correct information it's pointless

  7. "1. What makes your business, content, and/or service unique and therefore valuable to customers?" Why does everything to be unique?!?

  8. I spoke to tens of people already and they all sounds amateur, crook and greedy. nobody care about your business, they all promise things they can't do or know it is possible. I'm so desperate with finding good SEO for decent price, seems like it's mission is impossible

  9. 4 months ???your telling companies to suck all the information we pay for and struggle with so they can get that short cut and then F u we don't need you smh . I hope SEO doesn't turn into a minimum wage job just like machine operating did thanks to companies screwing their workers off so some reach owner can get richer and the poor runs out of opportunities . But than again you can cheat the system if you pay google for adds smh

  10. Awesome Video I do these exact things with all my client! 🙂 could you guys do a video on the difference of SEO and ADS? I run across many potential clients who shun SEO because they assume im talking of ads. This is because you have many people soliciting themselves as an SEO but they run ads on clients and implement some of the shady practices you had mentioned. They do nothing for their web site or true nature of the the business and online experiance. I think a video that shows the main differences would be awesome and help many people out to understanding you can't buy SEO from and advertisement? I only recommend ads if a client wants to boost revenue on specific services or products.

  11. I think i air-punched about a bazillion times through the duration of this video. Some fantastic clear advice from Maile Ohye for non-SEO's who are tasked with hiring an SEO, whilst dodging the (many) SEO bull-shitters.

  12. Great video – SEO needs to shake off its 'dark' image. There ARE genuinely brilliant white hat SEO's out there, people like Chris Ailey at iThinkMedia

  13. Really good video worth a watch when considering agencies for your SEO and even PPC. We have been in the industry since 2008, but it still surprises us all how many companies are either overpaying or are underserviced by their agencies. For a genuine impartial review of you current agencies performance google – ithinkmedia uk

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