How to Make a Parallax WordPress Site 2016 – AMAZING!

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In this complimentary parallax site tutorial, I show you step by step how to make a fantastic parallax wordpress site. It uses a Drag n Drop builder permitting anyone to build and finish their websites in a few hours!


Intro 0:00.
Introduction 5:56.

Domain & Hosting 7:53.
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Install WordPress 11:28.
Set up Fundamental Settings 13:52.
Set up Style 16:27.

Include Pages & Custom-made Menu Hyperlinks 19:00.
Set Static House Page 23:09.
Configure Themify Settings 24:13.
( Layouts/Header/Footer/ Easy Google Fonts).
Add Social Links 27:57.

Logo/Header/Main Nav/Footer Styling 30:22.
10 Tips Everyone Have to Know 33:22.

Build Homepage.

Row # 1 – Hero Image 43:43.
Row # 2 – Quote 1:01:20.
Row # 3 – About 1:04:00.
Row # 4 – Services 1:08:40.
Row # 5 – Gallery 1:12:48.
Row # 6 – Video 1:16:10.
Row # 7 – Blog site (Add Blog Posts/Widgets & Styling) 1:19:00.
Row # 8 – Contact 1:30:25.
Row # 9 – Map 1:34:10.


Set Sticker label Header Styling 1:37:00.
Embed in Row Anchors (Crucial) 1:37:44.
Make Site “SUPER” Mobile Responsive 1:39:38.
Include Extra Pages & Integrated in Layouts 1:42:41.

Equating Styles:

Congrats on developing your gorgeous WordPress website. Hope you men have enjoyed it as much as I did! Please give the video a big LIKE if you discovered it helpful, it might be two hours long but it took numerous hours to develop!:-RRB-.

Keep in mind: This theme is complimentary to download, use (individual or business), it is the complete version without any restrictions. I have permission from themify to share it with you guys and thousands of individuals have actually currently built their websites because 2015. But if you enjoy it, you have the alternative to get support/updates for 1 year here: and can utilize: HOGAN for 30% Off! (minimal time only!) This option is ideal for web developers working with clients or individuals who desire additional aid:-RRB- If you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop a remark listed below!


Hogan Chua.

13 thoughts to “How to Make a Parallax WordPress Site 2016 – AMAZING!”

  1. Hi Hogan
    Thanks again for the videos. Could you please make a tutorial or let me know how we can have parallex effect on a slider?

  2. Hi Hogan, thanks a lot for your wonderful tutorial. You are so helpful. When I installed the theme it asked to make update as the version provided in the video info was outdated, when I pressed OK it asked for a login and password to update it?!! So ..

  3. Hello!
    On the services section I have 3 topics. I want that every topic will have a page that will describe the contents. How can I do it?
    Thank you in advance!

  4. One of the better explained WP theme design use I have found on youtube 🙂 I am trying to include a 'gallery' of short videoclips (MP4) which I have in my media library, that the user can click on play for whatever one and watch it. Can this be dome with this theme?

  5. Hi Hogan thank you for this awesome tutorial, you explain things clearly and thoroughly! Quick question can you add a button that when clicked will open up a video lightbox and play a streamed video from Vimeo? I'd like to have 2 buttons in the home page that when clicked each opens up its own video. Thanks!

  6. I get a notice that a newer version of this theme is available. When I try to upgrade it to the latest version, I am asked for a user name and password. Of course I don't have a user name and password as I got this free from your download. How can I get this theme updated to get rid of the big yellow notice about the version update?

  7. Hi Hogan have one question, how can I add a play icon so when clicking it will play the music and also to have the play icon change into a pause? Many thanks

  8. hey hogan 🙂 i added a post and when i click on "edit" under the section "query by" why can't i choose other options such as slug, product tags, etc. Its stuck at "categories". Hope you can reply asap 😀 thanks in advance :D

  9. Hey Hogan! This video has been very helpful to me. Thanks a ton. We have now made all those pages you have shown there. However I have a couple for questions:
    1. How do I add Home to the menu bar and and have the page scroll up when I click on home?
    2. I'd like to add a testimonial and clientele page which can have the client logos scroll at the bottom of the testimonial.

    Could you pls help me with that.


  10. I also get the message telling me to update Themify but I don't have log in credentials. Any answer to this?

  11. Hi Hogan,

    I can install a plugin, as the theme is asking me to update it and i can't update it without themify user id. Can you please advise how i can get around this issue?

  12. I love your tutorial it was very in-depth. I followed your video and I created a incredible looking site.But my rows will not anchor. Also I seem to have a drop down in my link header how do I remove it and the texts inside.

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