How to Make Money Online Telugu !!

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< param name =" film" value ="//"/ > Teaching you the best ways to enhance or perhaps start creating revenue in the first location from your online brand.

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  2. sub count on youtube is kinda meaningless, i know channels with 20k subs that consistently get between 500k-1mln views, and channels with 1mln subs that struggle to reach 50k views (ie. athene's channel).

  3. All good ideas but apparently the people disliking think it's better to sit there any complain rather than try to do something about it.
    However, not everyone has the face, voice and personality to do personal videos where they actually have to show themselves on camera.

  4. Learn c++ . Create malware. Steal Bitcoin. The information itself has value, no middleman nothing.

  5. If you are interested in earning an extra 150 dollars daily Online go here. "Justnox mega mind profit system" (Just Search Google) For earn Money.

  6. LOL I didn't know Destiny knew about Tai Lopez. I learned about him from pickup communities (RSD real social dynamics). He's given me so much Knawledge. It would be interesting to hear Destiny talk about Rsd if he knows about it.

  7. There is no way 900k subs = 500k/yr, even if every single one of them was an active viewer. Anyways, you're talking about selling out, but people can only sell out so much before their content becomes stale and they start losing viewers, it has to be a balance of good content and proper monetization, too much of either is bad. If every video a popular youtuber uploads is a sponsored product review where he talks about how great it is, his videos will be getting less than 10k viewers within a year regardless how many followers he has, same as if a twitch streamer spent all his time playing that stupid shitty version of sponsored hearthstone called shadowborn or something like that. You can hyper-monetize your content in very small amounts, the rest will just have to be generic income like ad revenue.

    I'm assuming that animator spends 2-3 months per video, and his 900k subs subbed because they enjoy the content. If he started posting content more frequently but worse in quality, do you think it will be good or bad for his channel in the long run? Maybe he's only talented in making long, thoughtful quality works; not short, spammy, funny ones. Maybe he doesn't want to ruin his artistic integrity for an extra few grand a month and only put up quality work. So clearly youtube fucked him hard, he doesn't have the same flexibility as a twitch streamer; it would be the same as if you make a cartoon for cartoon network and get paid 30k/month and then suddenly cartoon network will only pay you 7k/month. The network fucked the artist, and now he's in a shit position. Sure he can hypermonetize and do garbage content like product reviews, but really? Is that really what he has to do? It would be, like you mentioned, the highest tier of artist doing his passion; but suddenly being thrown into the shit-tier where they have to high school grad pictures.

  8. They didn't do very much practical education at my school as far as being an artist, most people just kinda had to learn that shit the hard way. Which is way so many art grads aren't pursuing art professionally within a few years of graduation.

  9. I agree. As I trained as a potter for 2 years I sold trading cards on eBay and through my website. I also would travel to events and setup as a vendor to sell cards face to face. This paid my bills and my training. I also worked 2 seasonal jobs to get extra money.

  10. I listened to Destiny's advice and followed my dream. 6 million dead Jews can attest to that.

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