SEO Tutorial for beginners | 2016

SEO Tutorial for beginners|2016

< object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" design="width:425 px; height:355 px;" data ="//" > < img alt="SEO Tutorial for novices|2016" src=""/ > Discover ways to optimize your site for the online search engine. I give you the very best of my knowlegde and reveal you ways to enhance your site!

This tutorial includes:
00:26 What Is SEO?
01:15 The importance of your domainname
01:58 The Title of your Page or Post
05:43 The importance of a good image title
07:23 Using title tags h1 h2 h3 and so on

. Life example of SEO in a new post
08:30 Short Keyword Research study/ Tips
09:42 Create a brand-new WordPress blogpost
11:22 Ways to enhance your blogpost
12:41 Add images to your blogpost and optimze the images.
15:12 Include h1 tags
15:30 Add internal links

Yoast SEO
20:14 Install Yoast
20:45 Optimize blogpost for Google
21:31 Change Title Template
23:08 Meta discription
24:40 Pick Focus Keyword
26:26 Adjust blogpost to Focus Keyword

27:50 Facebook metadata
38:33 Follow or no Follow

28:48 Finals Words About SEO
29:15 SEOcial
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  2. Great tutorial. How can i contact you ? Do you have skype, email etc. Maybe we can work together.

  3. Nice & usefulTutorial. Just wanted to know the tool which is used for working with creation and posting of the page.

  4. Hope to learn more about SEO from WordPressKing. Well, let start to create from my own brand ;)

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