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Wow, have a look at Ron Paul’s Web Marketing campaign!Without doubt, Ron

Paul’s success on the Internet is nothing short of remarkable. His team’s technique has actually been ground breaking in the method they have actually used Web Marketing techniques, not only to reach potential supporters, but to draw in a considerable variety of contributors.Although not currently among the frontrunners, Ron Paul is now being called an “Web Phenomenon” by lots of political strategists.While the Online marketing methods being used by Ron Paul’s team are not necessarily distinct, the dedication his group has displayed in reaching potential fans online has actually been outstanding. By deploying an extremely aggressive Online marketing campaign, Ron Paul’s team has actually drawn in a flood of factors and a huge number of passionate supporters.In a very short amount of time, Ron Paul’s group has actually established an enormous Internet presence. In truth, anybody who’s been online in the previous six months has definitely seen multiple references to Ron Paul on the news or social media sites.If you consider the raw numbers, Ron Paul’s Internet Marketing method leaves his competitors in the dust- and it’s a big reason he’s still in the race: Consider the facts … · Last month, Ron Paul’s site had well over a MILLION visitors, more than all other Republican prospects combined! · In one day, Ron Paul’s group raised over$ 6

Million dollars on the internet. · They raised around$ 20 Million Dollars in the 4th quarter of 2007 alone. · On YouTube, there are 109,000 videos currently readily available about him. · And in the past month there have been over 89,000 article about him, according to Google.The bottom line … Ron Paul’s concentrate on Web Marketing is altering the face of political project strategies.Ron Paul is not the only candidate using the Internet … on the other side

of the aisle, Barack Obama’s team has deployed a very well created Online marketing strategy- over 728,00 visitors last month- and has actually been very effective in reaching prospective advocates and contributors in

his own right.A Goal View My analysis of Ron Paul’s web success is simply driven by curiosity; I have no political association or viewpoint of Ron Paul’s political platform.What intrigues me about Ron Paul’s Web method is not only the action he’s gotten (over a Million visitors last month), it’s the number of contributors he’s drawn in and the dedicated constituency

he’s developed on the Web. With a huge part of his interactions being communicated by means of the Internet, Ron Paul’s campaign group has demonstrated beyond any doubt that

Web marketing is a powerful tool in building an effective political project strategy.Perhaps the Ron Paul campaign decided to focus more on Web techniques and less on other media simply due to budget restrictions. Whatever the factor, their decision to use the Internet as an essential part of their project strategy is undoubtedly a huge reason he’s still in the race.This is not the very first time we have actually seen a prospect deploy an Internet Marketing strategy as a part of a political campaign strategy-

but it might be the very first major project that has used the Internet as a primary part of their campaign strategy.So, exactly what does this say about future political projects and the tactics that will be developed to exploit the massive capacity of the Internet?Political campaign teams can be really creative in establishing marketing techniques and I have no doubt we will find out an excellent deal worrying Web Marketing by seeing the successful political campaigns.If ‘requirement is the mom of innovation ‘, then the Web marketing techniques being developed by political campaign groups like

Ron Paul’s will no doubt be leveraged by other companies to assist build their own exposure and success.Ron Paul’s Web Method So, exactly what does Ron Paul’s group do differently?The brief response lies not in what his team does, as much as it finishes with how his group ‘works’ their strategy.First, the Online marketing method Ron Paul’s group has actually carried out focuses on some extremely basic Search Engine Marketing tactics: · Site optimization, · Compelling material, · User-friendly site navigation, · Social Media, · Press Releases, · Videos, · Blogging, · RSS feeds · Email Marketing, Newsletters, & Breaking News Pretty direct, right? No genuine surprises here with the exception that Ron Paul’s team does

not really use of PPC strategies to

any excellent extent.The real difference lies is the way Ron Paul’s team executes their methods, especially when compared with other Governmental competitors ‘strategies.The body of the website contains

very compelling content that is easy to find and leads you to unlimited quantities of intriguing details concerning Ron Paul.Maybe the most obvious difference is Ron Paul’s website is continuously being

upgraded and altered; the group includes brand-new information daily and continually

works to improve their Online search engine exposure using well went to blogs,

Press Releases

, and Social Media.Web Site Optimization Overall, the Ron Paul group has deployed a really solid website in a brief amount of time. Not that every part of the site is perfect, but the assets far outweigh the bad. In truth, with simply a few small changes

, the Ron Paul website might function as a terrific model for other political candidates.One somewhat insignificant distinction, but one that I personally like about Ron Paul’s website, is that his

group does not utilize an irritating Splash page as many other prospects do.I understand splash pages look great to the website owner, however they’re practically always a wild-goose chase because the majority of people simply want to get to exactly what they concerned the website to see -in this case, information about Ron Paul!The ‘home’ page Ron Paul’s group has actually designed is really user-friendly and easy to browse. They’ve put breaking news, volunteer register, Blog access, and an exceptional menu of

choices that covers whatever from Ron Paul’s position on the major problems to videos and recordings of his significant appearances.Looking at the structure of the site, Meta Title tags are the very same for all pages. Concerning the Meta Descriptions, they’re also similar throughout all the pages of the website, so the Search Engines choose their own descriptions to display with the Ron Paul listing. Not recommended, however it probably triggers no genuine damage in this case.Looking deeper, the website might use some great tuning, including Alt tag descriptions that include

more keywords would assist; along with including unique Meta Descriptions for each page.Links into the page are practically non-existent and I would suggest including a number of related, quality inbound links to the site. It could not harm and would probably

drive even more traffic to the site and/or Blog.The site could likewise utilize some additional keyword research to assist Ron Paul key in on the potential voters who are not familiar with him, and to present his message to more of them.The Ron Paul interactive videos on top of the ‘Concerns’ page are an excellent addition. It seems to me if more detail

were included worrying Ron Paul’s position on the problems, it would be a more important contribution to the site.Although there are some apparent opportunities for improvement; given the website’s presentation, the details readily available, and ease of use, I provide Ron Paul’s group great marks in the SEO category.Social Media Strategies Ron Paul’s team’s method to social media marketing has made him a Republican powerhouse. His campaign group comprehends social media and understands how to use it.From pictures and videos to networking, Ron Paul can be found throughout the Internet.Most candidates ‘teams have actually begun to utilize social networks websites however the majority of them don’t seem to be very active on them. Ron Paul’s group excels here because they are extremely active -they make continuous updates on his social networks profiles all hours of the day.Increasingly, as brand-new generations go into the voting ranks, social media is becoming an important part of successful political campaigns. The present generation of younger voters has matured utilizing the Web as their primary ways of interaction. It’s second nature for them to use the Web to gain and share information.Currently on MySpace, Ron Paul reveals over 273,000 friends, Facebook reveals over 205,000, and YouTube has more than 109,000 videos under his name.On the Ron Paul Blog, links to submit posts to

Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and others are available. Also practical, is the RSS feed button that’s displayed in the upper part of the left column. Having an RSS feed signup on the blog site helps to promote the blog site even further in

the social networks outlets.When you take a look at

the appeal of Ron Paul on the social media sites and compare the other prospects to him, he is absolutely utilizing the socials media more than other candidates to promote his grassroots efforts.Blogging Strategies Ron Paul has an extremely active Blog site [] His team regularly posts new info and breaking news all hours of the day. The Ron

Paul group understands they have a very active and captive audience on the blog site and they actively cater to them.There’s an RSS button to quickly

register for blog updates and connect to YouTube and other social networks are spread throughout the page to promote Blog entries.Overall, Ron Paul’s project group has actually done an outstanding job developing and deploying a very effective Web marketing strategy.Summary Online marketing is quickly ending up being an important part of nearly every political campaign.Increasingly, the Internet is becoming a news and recruiting source that is irreplaceable in significant political campaigns.Pressed for campaign funds, both Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul have actually used the Internet as a very cost efficient way to obtain their message across to prospective factors and voters.Without their efforts on the Web, it could be argued that really couple of people would have ever become aware of either candidate. While both prospects are underdogs, they most likely would not even still remain in the race without their well orchestrated Web marketing campaigns.How much of Ron Paul’s or Mike Huckabee’s success is because of their Internet Marketing efforts? There’s no doubt Internet viewers looking for details worrying these candidates have had no problem discovering it on the

Internet.The genuine question is the number of prospective citizens will really be impacted by the Online marketing they enter contact with? Evaluating from over a Million visitors to Ron Paul’s website and the quantity of contributors he’s been able to motivate, there can be no doubt numerous prospective voters have been straight impacted by the Internet Marketing method his team has deployed.It’s now clear Political

Online marketing is an extremely efficient campaign tool and will continue to be a progressively vital part of successful political campaigns well into the future.By Scott Porter MarketBuilders 2008 All Rights Booked Ron Paul Page [] Scott Porter is President of MarketBuilders [], a complete Online marketing firm.

MarketBuilders utilizes targeted Internet marketing, leading search results page, sponsored advertising, Email marketing, Blogs, social networks, Press Releases, copy writing, link building and optimized website design to provide companies a substantial competitive advantage on the Internet.Scott Porter has B.S. and

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