The 10 Myths Of Earning Money Online

The 10 Myths Of Making Money Online

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In this video, Stefan shares with you the 10 common misconceptions that individuals have about generating income online, and dispels the misconceptions connected with each of them.

Stefan has been associated with the online business world for 9 years now. He owns a number of online organisations, and has actually made millions of dollars online.

He has actually seen the great and bad side of the Web marketing world, and he desires to inform you the reality about online organisation, from an expert’s perspective.

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19 thoughts to “The 10 Myths Of Earning Money Online”

  1. I surrender…. I think. I'm miserable in my corporate job and need to do something like this, but I'm afraid!! My cousin does stuff like this but is horrible at explaining it. Where do I start? I'd be happy with 300 a day

  2. I do believe that many so called online entrepreneurs actually earn more income selling online money making programs than actually using the programs themselves. Just go over to the Warrior Forum and see for yourself. I'm not saying you fall into this category but their are many that do.

  3. The biggest thing I got from this video is building an online business is not that different than building a traditional business. You need to offer value to your customers and you have to put a lot of work into getting started and following through.

  4. There may be fear or skepticism but sometimes its just constant failures that make ppl not believe that someone can earn money online, I have been doing business online for over a decade I haven't made any loses but barely any profit online. I do believe that its possible but being unemployed right now I just don't see this to be a valid investment of my time, I would be better getting a job. Of course I will never stop trying to be a digital nomad, it has taught me Web Development, Programming, Game Development, Animation, Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Copy Writing and so much more.

  5. What are all the different areas you invest in for growth and constant income? Sounds like Amazon and Dividends.

  6. ultimatly any compagny will go bankrupt…you don't know on the long term what will be the impact of crowdfunding and crowdlending on those mega banks for example…so if you want to really elliminate the risk, buy the index itself

  7. My passion is being an Entrepreneur and When I Started an online business my family thought I was getting scammed and said you can't make money online, I have tried to explain it to them but they still think I am getting scammed. Awesome Video. Thanks

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